griffin mcpherson
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Griffin is a multipotentialite, having interests in music, photography, and film-making while pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Having begun learning how to make music at 8 years old, he has always had an inclination toward creating something new and was never quite satisfied with sticking to one interest. Later picking up photography and film-making in high school, he began to see his hobbies as potential ways to earn a few bucks while doing the things he loved. Playing gigs at DFW bars and venues, shooting senior portraits, he fell in love with the idea of creating while allowing others to join in on the enjoyment.

After graduating, he spent his first semester as a pre-med student, and quickly realized the unmatched interests and felt the need to switch to a major more hands-on that allowed for more creativity in thought. Having some experience with programming from high school and always an analytical way of thinking, the alignment was clear and he changed to a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Griffin currently runs a radio show Sundays 6-7pm (central) on FM 88.7 KTCU (FB page linked below). He has several projects in place including music to be released in the next year, personal programming projects (including a smart mirror and the continuation of this website), a potential short film, and as many shoots as possible.